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The Cupp Golf Academy at The Golf Club of Georgia

About CGA

Helping you elevate your game every time you lift a club.

Welcome to the Cupp Golf Academy, where Leading-Edge Technology Meets World-Class Instruction. Nestled within the serene landscapes of The Golf Club of Georgia and Horseshoe Bend Country Club, our academy offers a transformative learning experience for golfers of all skill levels. Those looking to gain an introduction to the game of golf, address a recurring weakness, or shave a few strokes off their round will find no better training facility in Atlanta than The Cupp Golf Academy. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities and discover how our innovative programs can help you unlock your full potential on the course.

Our state-of-the-art Academy and innovative practice facilities create an environment where golf technology enhances golf performance for individual golfers, groups both large and small, and golf professionals.
There’s more to help you achieve your golf-centric goals. The Academy is staffed with award-winning coaches and surrounded by every possible resource for you to improve — from a dual-driving range and short-game practice facility to The Cupp Par-3 Course and technology such as TrackMan 4, Swing Catalyst pressure mats, SAM Putt Lab with Putting Station, RoboGolfPro, Blast Motion Golf, and more!

If it’s time you upped your game or gained an introduction to it, this is the place. 


The Cupp Golf Academy at Horseshoe Bend CC

What's in the Name?

Honoring a Legend: The Story Behind the Cupp Golf Academy

In 2018, the Cupp Golf Academy opened its doors with a vision deeply rooted in the enduring legacy of Bob Cupp, a world-renowned golf course architect, visionary, mentor, author, musician, wood worker, and a beloved figure whose passion for the game and life knew no bounds. With over 250 meticulously crafted golf courses to his name, including several that hosted PGA TOUR events and prestigious majors, e is a true legend.  Bob Cupp is responsible for the current redesign of Horseshoe Bend CC and the Lakeside and Creekside courses at The Golf Club of Georgia. Bob's illustrious career spanned decades, marked by a profound commitment to enhancing the game's heritage while embracing innovation and inclusivity.

It is in honor of Bob Cupp's extraordinary legacy and unwavering commitment to excellence that the Cupp Golf Academy was born. From the creation of innovative practice facilities and par 3 course at The Golf Club of Georgia, Bob's vision for enhancing the serene landscape for the the enjoyment and development of golfers of all skill levels served as the guiding light for the academy's inception. 

The Cupp Golf Academy stands as a tribute to Bob Cupp's indelible imprint on the sport he loved. It is a place where tradition meets innovation, where passion meets precision, and where golfers of all backgrounds and abilities can come together to celebrate the timeless spirit of the game.

Meet The Team

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